FI – Latest Musings

I’ve had a few emails over the weekend asking if I have any latest thoughts on the FI situation, so I thought it might be worth sharing them for everyone. The answer is yes, and no. We’ve had a few developments – but not neccesarily much we can do anything about. I tend to write […]

Site Subscriptions – Paused

With FI entering administration I have taken the decision to pause all memberships indefinitely as of 12th March. I would not be right to keep subscriptions open at a shadow of the former content level when it is clear that with the platform suspended and options limited I do not feel I can do enough […]

Administration – What does it mean?

How do you even sum up this week, for traders?  This is a story about a group of people who have been badly let down.  It may turn out to be deliberate wrongdoing. I personally think it is more likely that it is incompetence and a business that had great promise but just spun out […]

Scouting – Rebooted – Part 3

Ok let’s get straight into this before anything else distracts me. To All the Players I Slated Before… I meant every word of my scouting in recent years questioning the viability of Haaland, Mbappé and the like. It was true.  Sometimes, I flirted with players like this depending on price and circumstance if a wave […]

Scouting – Rebooted – Part 2

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Scouting – Rebooted

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